[Survival Faction PvP RPG]

Welcome to the UnitedEarthCraft Website

This server is still in Beta, but the history and data players have will not be deleted later on what so ever, and there will be no seasons, so don't worry about resets and shutdowns!

Main pluggins: Crackshot, Residence2, Insane mobs, elite mobs, RPGHealth, Chestshop

server ip:

Server up time: 24/7


We have everything you need to start your interstellar journey, we prepared awesome kits for you to start with! Custom Enchants and Crackshot guns will help you survive against strong alien mobs!


This is the shop where players can buy/sell weapons or loots, grow your economy with our Vault plugin!


The battlefield is filled with dangerous monsters and valuable loots, team up with your friends and dominate PvP together. Boss fights are also available for anyone, bosses drop valuable bounty heads!


Some other plugins to help your journey includes: RPGHealth boost, helps to grow your max hp by defeating mobs! Moneydrop, mobs now drop money when they die! Residence2, make your territory and invite your friends to form a strong alliance!

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Meet the Team


a.k.a Mal

Role: Server Owner


a.k.a Joost

Role: Mod/ Admin


a.k.a A

Role: Mod/ Admin


a.k.a El

Role: Mod/ Admin


a.k.a Jack

Role: Mod/ Admin

Giant Duck

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Role: Site Developer